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V&L Honeymakers

Honey Doubles & Savings

Cotswold lime flower honey and Cotswold summer honey. Each 340g

V&L Honeymakers

Honey Doubles & Savings

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Most things are better in twos. Our 340g jar whopper double packs let you try that extra flavour and help you make some savings along the way. 

All of our honey is:

  • Unpasteurised
  • Single source honey - straight from our bees!

  • Read the descriptions below and find out whats best for you. Prices vary.

    Blossom Added Pollen 340g - Mild and creamy Oxfordshire spring honey, with the benefits of added bee pollen. Helps boost important vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for boosting the immune system, helping with allergies and is a natural libido. Delicious and it’s good for you!

    Premium Lime Blossom 340g - Taste the fresh, sweet woodland flavour of the Queen of nectar Linden Blossom Limeflower - one of our favourite types. A premium honey that only flowers once every few years. 

    Raw 340g - 100% natural, 100% tasty. Raw honey is the natural form. Packed with vital enzymes and other health-giving properties. Our raw is non pasteurised and cold extracted and retains some pollen so it may be crystallised.

    Summer Honey 340g - Our premium quality summer honey is gathered by our happy honeybees in the meadows and fields of the Cotswolds, and a favourite of many honey lovers. This classic honey has a pleasingly mild, floral sweetness that is ideal on freshly baked bread or added to porridge

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