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V&L Honeymakers

Raw, Borage & Cotswold Lime

Honey Triple pack: Borage, Lime flower and raw. Each jar is 340g.

V&L Honeymakers

Raw, Borage & Cotswold Lime

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Raw 340g - 100% natural, 100% tasty. Raw honey is the natural form. Packed with vital enzymes and other health-giving properties. Our raw is non pasteurised and cold extracted and retains some pollen so it may be crystallised.

Cotswold Lime Flower 340g - Taste the fresh, sweet woodland flavour of the Queen of nectar Linden Blossom Limeflower - one of our favourite types. A premium honey that only flowers once every few years. 

British Blue Borage 340g - Silky smooth single source “starflower”. Our borage honey is home grown on the Brakelands Farm Estate near Banbury. With its transparent colour and lovely taste. It is one of the best honeys you can hope to find, crystal clear, delicately flavoured and slow to granulate.

All of our honey is:

  • Unpasteurised
  • Single source honey - straight from our bees!

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