Bee Farmers Association

What is the BFA?

The Bee Farmers’ Association is the voice of professional beekeeping in the United Kingdom (UK). As the industry trade association, it currently represents almost 500 bee farming businesses. Its members produce honey throughout the UK and supply products in bulk, for wholesale and for retail. In addition, the association provides contract pollination services to growers.


The BFA aims to increase UK honey production and availability by:

(a) recruiting more bee farmers
(b) increasing productivity and encouraging growth of bee farming businesses.

  • To provide managed and targeted pollination services to improve crop yields.
  • To provide services, information and support to members.
  • To represent the industry.


The association is led by an elected board of directors which includes directors with regional responsibility. Officers are responsible for the management and day-to-day operations of the organisation and are the main points of contact for external and internal enquiries.

More information can be found here.