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NEW! Beekeeping for Beginners - MARCH 20TH ONLINE

Beekeeping for beginners: Saturday March 20th 2021


NEW! Beekeeping for Beginners - MARCH 20TH ONLINE

Ever wondered what beekeeping is really about? Wanting to buy your first hive? Looking to top up your basic knowledge to be an even more successful beekeeper?

If there is anything we know, its beekeeping. So come and join one of our beekeeping team from the comfort of your own home to see what the 'BUZZ' really is about bees! 

This course will cover topics such as: honeybees, equipment, hives and where to put them, beekeeping basics, what to expect in a typical year, and what the next steps are. This course is ONLINE and live bees will not be shown but you will soon discover why!

Time: 10am to 2pm

Location: ONLINE via Teams (guidance provided)

If learning about the wonderful art of honeybees and beekeeping isn't enough, on completion of the course, we'll even give a 10% discount off your first NUC - all sourced and created locally by our beekeepers. 

Please note that 15% off reduction online is not applicable to our beekeeping courses.

Terms and conditions

This course is limited in capacity and in high demand. We have spent a lot of time organising a fun and educational experience. If you are unable to attend the course we will try our best to reschedule you onto another course where possible. However, please note if this is not possible, we can only offer 50% refund. 

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