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NEW! "Is beekeeping right for me?" MARCH 13TH ONLINE

Is beekeeping right for me? short course, Saturday March 13th 2021


NEW! "Is beekeeping right for me?" MARCH 13TH ONLINE

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Have you recently seen beekeeping on the TV? Read about it in the paper? Heard your neighbours children screaming at their parents about keeping bees in the garden?

And thought..

"I could do that, that looks fun!"

Well we're not sure about the third one but we are sure that we can offer a inciteful ONLINE taster course about beekeeping. We want help you decide IF beekeeping really is for you and cover considerations that are often overlooked.

Join a member of the Honeymakers beekeeping team as they touch on topics such as: honeybees, equipment, basic beekeeping and what really goes on behind the veil.

Time: 10am to 12pm 

Location: ONLINE via Teams (Link and guidance provided)

This course is an overview of beekeeping; touching on subjects and looking more in depth of the important matters in beekeeping. By the end of the course you will either be inspired be a great beekeeper, or crucially, know that beekeeping is not right for you, which can be just as important - but we'll let you know of other help you can be!

Please note that 15% off reduction online is not applicable to our beekeeping courses

Terms and conditions

This course is limited in capacity and in high demand. We have spent a lot of time organising a fun and educational experience. If you are unable to attend the course we will try our best to reschedule you onto another course where possible. However, please note if this is not possible, we can only offer 50% refund. 

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