One comforting way to ease a sore throat

One comforting way to ease a sore throat

Brrr... definitely starting to feel like winter now. The extra minutes de-icing the car and, well for us, still huddling around the office heater.

Winter comes with a few surprises, the biggest headache of all is the colds with their neverending coughs and sore throats.

But there is one ingredient that seems to have stood the test of time, maybe not literally, but it has been used in many remedies and cultures over the years. Today, many retail products continue to contain this ingredient. Can you guess what it is?

Yes.. honey, of course! Natural goodness straight from the bees in spring and summer. So, here's a simple recipe we'd like to share that we find helps us..

Our winter warmer recipe:

  1. Boil the kettle and pour into your favourite mug.
  2. Stir in a tea spoon (or more if you fancy) of local V&L honey.
  3. Add lemon juice to taste.

We also like to add half a tea spoon of ground ginger and/ or turmeric powder and give it a good stir.

Why natural honey?
Honey has many natural minarals and vitimins, including hydrogen peroxide. These goodies can vary in amounts depending on the floral origin of the honey. Like humans, all plants are unique, and their nectars can vary in taste, smell and consistency.. (also known as organoleptic properties from flavanoids). As honey is an accumulation of nectar collected by bees, honey's can therefore have slightly different chemical make-ups. Buying local honey can also guarentee the pollination of local plants, flowers and crops in that area.
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