Our Story

From love at first sight in 2009, both Viktor & Lucy knew their stars were aligned. However, there was always another love and passion that inevitably came together: bees. Viktor was already a beekeeper (bees run though his veins) and Lucy could see his vision for a future where the bees rule, so they formed a company called Honeybee Suppliers; which has now grown into the Honeymakers.
The Honeymakers are still a relatively small but rapidly expanding colony, currently managing 1000+ colonies of the finest Buckfast bees and NUCs (nuclei/ small bee colony).  Viktor is the (big) head beekeeper and Lucy is the business manager, plus tea maker to the bee maker! A variety of other talented worker bees have joined the company over the years, all very different in character and with specific roles to play, but all with the same goal – to support the bees. 
To compliment their much loved artisan Cotswold honey range, Lucy, along with a group of hard working artisans introduced Hive Inspired skincare. Her vision, is to create an all natural luxury skincare line, so pure and so beautiful that you too will be inspired as she is, by the magic of bees.