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From building our hives to bottling our honey, we love that we are part of each process.

The Perfect Beekeeping Start Up

We are a leading supplier of the UK's finest honeybees and provide quality teaching on our highly recommended beginner beekeeping courses, sharing over 10 years of knowledge and experience.

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Our V&L Story

From love at first sight in 2009, both Viktor & Lucy knew their stars were aligned. But there was always another love and passion that inevitably came together: bees. Viktor was already a beekeeper (bees run though his veins) and Lucy could see his vision for a future where the bees rule, so they formed a company called Honeybee Suppliers; which has now grown into the Honeymakers. 

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Ukraine Fundraiser

The Ukraine Fundraiser page has now closed. Since the US and West started supplying high quality equipment on a regular basis, the needs of Ukraine seem to have changed.

We managed to raise a staggering amount of just over £61,000 which was enough to send a total of 8 trucks to Lviv, all loaded with humanitarian aid. The trucks and aid have been donated to several Civilian defence units, and the aid distributed amongst many people on the front line. We are so grateful to everyone who donated so generously to the page. Slava Ukraine!