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Triple Pack 227g

Triple Pack 227g

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Sometimes its hard to decide on just one honey type. Why not try three, you won't be disappointed!

Cotswold Wildflower Honey 227g - A light, delicate honey gathered by our happy honeybees in the summer meadows and fields of the Cotswolds. Notes of wild rose, bramble, elder and lime flower.

Cotswold Creamed Honey 227g - 100% pure wildflower honey harvested from our spring and summer crops in the Cotswolds. Creamy spreadable soft set honey, perfect on toast and in tea. We know it's often eaten straight from the jar though!

Cotswold Starflower Honey 227g - Silky smooth single source starflower or "borage" honey is home grown on the Brakelands Farm Estate near Banbury. With its transparent colour and lovely taste it is one of the best honeys you can hope to find, crystal clear, delicately flavoured and slow to granulate.

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